Pros and Cons of Living in Fountain CO

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Is Fountain, Colorado the right fit for you?

Wondering what living in Fountain CO is like? Today, we’re delving into the positives and drawbacks of residing in this cozy town, so you can make an informed decision.

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Now, let’s talk Fountain, Colorado.

It’s got that quaint, small-town feel, which can be a big plus or a bit of a drawback, depending on your preference. This area’s seen growth, with new shops and restaurants cropping up rapidly. Just like the rest of the region, it’s developing at quite a pace. In Fountain, housing diversity is the name of the game. You’ve got options: newer homes or older, character-rich ones that whisper stories of the past. Travel south on the Can-Am Highway, and you’ll find those charming, farm-style houses with room for your horses or goats, if that’s your jam. The south also offers a more affordable slice of land.

Switch gears to Link Road

The side near schools and the Fountain Fort Carson Administrative School District building, and there’s an array of newer houses with those spectacular mountain vistas. Ideal for those connected to Fort Carson, given the military presence in the area. It’s a hub for military life, with schools right on base for convenience. But keep in mind, base life can have its restrictions, like lockdowns that can limit movement.

Fountain Fort Carson School District

Speaking of schools, Fountain School District 8 is generously funded by our fantastic government. It’s just one of the many solid school options around here. If you want the nitty-gritty details on each school’s performance, is your ally. With several schools on the Fort Carson Army base and off base as well, you’ll have plenty of programs to choose from.

Community spirit thrives in Fountain

But if you’re all about city perks, you might find yourself driving to Colorado Springs for theaters, entertainment hubs, and top-notch attractions like Topgolf. Fountain might not offer as much hustle and bustle, but if a more serene pace appeals to you, it’s a contender. Snow enthusiasts beware: the further south you go, the less snow you’ll see.

The trains in Fountain!

And then there’s the train situation. They’re a constant presence, their rumble permeating the town’s ambiance. Some find it charming, others not so much. Personal preference prevails here again.

Summing it up, Fountain’s a snug, friendly community with an affordable suburban feel. It’s a quieter corner, distinct from the Springs’ energy. Consider your priorities, preferences, and what kind of lifestyle you’re after. If you’re looking for more insights, don’t hesitate to reach out. Until the next vlog, take care!

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